gallagher bares

July 14, 2013

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I love your books and i want you to write a book that is called "the boy who lives in a washing machine." the book title sound so daniel pinkwatery. so please tell me what you think.

thank you your twelve year old fanatic ,

Daniel replies:

It not only sounds sounds just plain watery.  Why don't you write it?  It could be about a boy who wants to train as an Olympic swimmer, but doesn't have a pool to go to, so he lives in the washing machine, and gets practice swimming amongst the laundry.  He tries out for the Olympic team, but doesn't make it because he can't swim in a straight line.  But there is a happy ending--he gets into the Octopus Olympics, and wins a silver medal and a scholarship to a school of fish.  If you write it, and it gets published, I get 10% of the money for giving you the plot.