Elizabeth McGough

July 14, 2013

Post #3472 – 20130714


I had hoped to send Mr. Pinkwater a short children's story about a small bear who has a big adventure, written by my mother, which she used to tell me at bedtime. This would be just for his enjoyment – no feedback, review, comments, advice, editing or anything else requested.

However, after reading the above caveats, I am not sure if and how I should proceed.

Hesitantly but sincerely yours,

Elizabeth McGough

Daniel replies:

I really cannot accept, and will not read, unpublished works.  Of course, nothing of this kind would happen with you, but someone might send me a story about a bear, and then ten years later I write one, and suddenly I'm accused of having stolen it.  I know, I know, you just wanted to send me yours for my own enjoyment, but the world is such that I have to make this policy.  Thanks for the thought.