June 12, 2013

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Mr. Pinkwater,
First of all i thank you for your time. The reason i am writing is do to the unnessecary deletion of the pineapple entry on last years english test for New York state. I personally took the test last year as an eigth grade student and im still shocked that people are still mad about your passage. Personally i loved the story and it made absolute sense to me in every way possible. Honestly, I have NO IDEA why my peers thought this was an outrageous passage. I mean the story made complete sense! Clearly the pineapple did not have a trick up his sleeve BECAUSE HE DIDNT HAVE SLEEVES!! I'm sorry maybe youre not the person to be contacting about this and i should probably be consulting my peers about why they thought this was so confusing but I DONT GET IT. In addition to the obvious stupidity of my classmates the two questions that caused so many problems ( why did the animals eat the pineapple; who was the wisest?) i answered both of them correctly. i was appauled that apparently a valid argument over the answer for why did they eat the pineapple was because he was hungry. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? i laughed seeing that answer and it was the first answer i crossed out. Now with all do respect, im not a student with 100 average overall but i do well in school and that had to be the easiest passage on the test. The reason im bringing this up now is because im outraged that there was a rally about this and someone showed up wearing a pineapple costume with sleeves. GET OVER IT IT WASNT A HARD PASSAGE. I really dont understand the controversy and would appreciate if someone could explain it to me. thank you so much

Daniel replies:

In this context, it's ""due,"" not ""do.""  Except for this error, it is a fine bogus post.  Save this address: , it may be of use in years to come.