Kevin Cheek

June 8, 2013

Post #3440 – 20130608

This is the question I have been almost afraid to ask: Will you be weblishing your next novel? Thank you.

Daniel replies:

Every novel I have written began with an ""open contract"" from a publisher, which is to say a commitment to publish a novel to be written, and some money, before I start writing.  I consider this better than the idea of spending a year or two writing a book, and then seeking a company that may want to bring it out.  I don't keep up with the fads and notions that come and go in the publishing industry, but I have the impression that open contracts are less common procedure just now.  I enjoy writing short chapter books and picture books--they involve less time, are easy to sell, and generate income.  So, unless I'm asked for one, there may never be another novel.  Should I get bored, or start feeling like doing something long-form, and if corporate publishing is not an option, I might do something unexpected, possibly on the web.