May 30, 2013

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Hi Mr. Pinkwater,

My name is Joseph and I am a 30-year old living in Hoboken, NJ. I just wanted to tell you that I recently purchased my copy of The Hoboken Chicken Emergency on Amazon and just finished re-reading it this afternoon sitting on a lawn chair at Pier A park. I found the story to be just as enchanting as I did as a child. Mrs. Pickering, my fourth grade teacher, read the book aloud to my class at Chief Maquinna Elementary in my hometown of Vancouver, Canada. It was then so many years ago when I first heard of the town of Hoboken and never fathomed that I would end up living there one day. I moved to New York to accept a job four years ago and when one of my co-workers mentioned Hoboken, my response was: Hey – isn't that from the title of a book about a giant chicken that runs rampant in the street? It was even more fun reading the book as an adult because I could actually imagine the story unfolding in the city and all of the craziness that ensued. I plan on gifting a copy of The Hoboken Chicken Emergency next Christmas to my supervisor who lived many years in Hoboken and now has young children. Thank you for your wonderful and whimsical book! PS. I have lived in Hoboken for two years and have not seen a 266-pound chicken but will continue to be on the lookout.

Daniel replies:

Wait!  Hoboken is a real place?