Brett Alan Dewing

May 25, 2013

Post #3422 – 20130525

As a fierce Pinkwater fan and completist, I have to beg for a reissue of The Terrible Roar and NORB!

Daniel replies:

I am not the one to beg.  I only write things and offer rights for sale to...well, practically anybody. 

By the way, do you know why books go out of print so fast? Our tax regulations were altered a few years ago to the effect that publishers are taxed on the full retail value of unsold inventory. So they publish, and when sales trail off a bit they dump whatever is left, and get a writeoff on the loss. Used to be, books sat in warehouses forever--and you could get them.! They're gone.

I'm involved in plans to get a bunch of stuff reprinted...there should be news in less than two years.