Shermane fouche

May 30, 2013

Post #3424 – 20130530

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,
Many years ago I listened to you speak about "a good education" on NPR. The piece was about a professor you had who explained to you how to look at a painting. I am sure I do not have the story straight, my sincere apologies, but, what I remember was that after having looked at the painting for a long time and let that sink in, the painting began to come alive, move. I was so very moved by your piece, that when I went to Paris, France and as I was rushing through L'Orangerie to see "the water lilies" by Monet, I remembered to sit, take time, let it come alive and it did. I cried, and that has never left me.

I have told the story many times but not well enough to do you and the piece justice. I would love a copy of your story, to blend with how it affected me, and how it chaned my view of education and life. Would you consider allowing me to receive a copy. I would be so grateful but would understand if that isn't possible.

Very Sincerely, Shermane Fouche

Daniel replies:

I've told that story, or one like it, a number of times in a number of things I've written.  Lots of other writers have told a very similar story--it's not something I or they invented, it's what happens when you come before a good painting or other work of art, and allow it to communicate with you, and you with it.  I think you'll come across it in my book Fish Whistle, (which you can get in ebook form from Amazon).  Nice to think of you and the water lilies.