Miles Cahill

April 25, 2013

Post #3403 – 20130425

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

Our family has been a great admirer of your work for years, and I am reading the cat whiskered girl book with my son now. I came across this article about a mystery giant head floating on the Hudson and thought you might be tickled. It could have come right out of your story:

Miles Cahil
Hopkinton, MA
former resident of the Hudson valley

Daniel replies:

I know nothing about that giant head.  Just because it was floating in my part of the river does not mean it has anything to do with me.   Why are you mentioning the giant head to me?  I have not been anywhere near the river.   Lots of other authors have written about giant heads.  Please don't talk to me about a giant head.  Thank you.