April 26, 2013

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Hi Daniel Pinkwater,

My family and I just finished drawing you some pictures and writing you letters that we are getting ready to send off, but I didn't leave room on mine to say and ask these things:

If you have never read "Way Station" by Clifford Simak I recommend this to you. There are parts of it that remind me of Uncle Borgel. And "Wonder" is another great read. Could you recommend a favorite read (or three) of yours?

I hope you, Jill and your dogs are doing very well!

Thank you. Your Fan,
-Diane Froelich

Daniel replies:

I am happy to tell you that you can hardly go wrong picking any book of mine at random.  Out of the whole bunch, there are only two or three actual stinkers--and those seem to have mostly dropped out of sight.  I look forward to seeing the pictures, and reading the letters.