Timothy C. King

November 6, 2012

Post #3170 – 20121106

Hi Daniel,
Love all your stuff, especially Lizard Music because so out there for a young adult novel. not that your other stuff in 'in there'.
Anyway, I have a theory that you always write the full name of your characters, 1) for stylish effect, 2) so the pages fatten up faster (David David David comes to mind). Am I correct? I promise I won't tell your agent.

Daniel replies:

Everybody has a theory.  You are entitled to yours.  I don't understand why authors are expected to reveal their technical doings, and explain just how they go about writing things.  Magicians are taught never to reveal the secret of a trick, 1.) because it ruins things for other magicians, and 2.) because it spoils the pleasure for the audience if they know how it's done.  Of course, you could read my book, HOW TO WRITE, available from this website for $12.95, only to members in good standing of the International Brotherhood of Authorers.