Holmes S.

November 11, 2012

Post #3174 – 20121111

Hello Mr. Pinkwater, again. I am sorry for disturbing you with my babbling again but I wanted to know if you are a proud sufferer us C.L.U.S. CLUS (also known as Compulsive Library Usage Syndrome) is a disease that presently has no cure and gradually worsens over time. Symptoms include: checking out more books than you can read before the due date, putting away books for the librarian out of enjoyment and sitting down and reading a book cover to cover in the library without checking it out. I recently diagnosed myself with it, and realized that I read Blue Moose, The Moosepire and Attilla the Pun under influence of this disease. And while I’m at it, my father also makes wacky vegetable soup.
Holmes S.

Daniel replies:

I used to be. Since moving to my present community, not so much. I hope your father resides in one of the states in which wacky vegetables are legal.