Lydia Bastian

August 23, 2012

Post #3099 – 20120823

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

I love The Neddiad, The Yggyssey, Adventures of a Cat Whiskered Girl, and Lizard Music. They are very interesting and creative. I've read them over and over.

My family is taking a tour of Old Hollywood in January, and I was wondering, what was your inspiration for the store Stuffed Stuff and Stuff? If it exists I would like to go see it. I really wish I could eat in the hat!

Daniel replies:

All those things I wrote about existed 60 years ago, and most of them are gone now.  The taxidermy and weird objects shop, I am sure no longer exists.  I am told there is a Disney reproduction of a Brown Derby restaurant, but not hat-shaped.  But do not despair....I am sure you will be able to find many odd, curious and remarkable things.  There are layers upon layers of unreality.  Look for a book called Weird Hollywood, (I haven't read it--no need, I was there).  It, and probably there are others like it, may give you hints.