Lisa Kelley

June 6, 2012

Post #2983 – 20120606

Hi Daniel,
I just wanted you to know how much my kids, ages 6&8, love the Neddiad trilogy. We are reading it for the 2nd time to my 6 year old.


Daniel replies:

Trilogy.  Of course Bushman Lives, now being serialized on this very website, is related, so that would make it a quadrilogy, quartet,  or tetrology, and Bushman Lives is related to Lizard Music, so those would constitute a duology. Or should all the books together be considered a pentolgy?  And I did plan to write a continuation of Bushman Lives, but the publisher refused to commit, and I can't afford to write such a book on spec.  I suggest everything be lumped under the term """"clusterbook.""""

More interesting than Greco-Roman categorizing is the fact that your kids are 6 and 8. The books are considered by the experts, to whom one should pay very little attention, as """"YA,"""" or possibly mid-grade verging on young adult. It's fairly common for kids in the single digits to enjoy novels of mine, (as it is for creaky adults to appreciate the picture books). When you run out of my stuff, you can try Dickens on your offspring...and they will probably hit Dostoevsky by age 10. When they're your age, and I'm in the county home, they'll be sending me emails about how much they like Bad Bears go Visiting.