June 2, 2012

Post #2975 – 20120602

Congratulations to Webmaster Ed on the completion of his studies. We're grateful for the many ways he has enriched our life: his work on the podcast, the web sites, the serializations. Surely, even his Hippocratic pursuits must pale when confronted with all this Pinkaquatic awesomeness. Thank you, Webmaster Ed, for keeping the eggplants at bay!

What color IS blue red, anyway? amaranthine? heliotrope? mulberry? plum?

Daniel replies:

I too, of course, wish to add my congratulations!  We can look forward to news that the great Doctor Ed, has done important work, perhaps in the treatment of Eggplant Fever, or Novshmozkapopism.  Bravo, Dr. Ed, gentleman, genius, polymath and physician!