Jim Deutch

May 26, 2012

Post #2973 – 20120526

I listened to a couple of the podcasts and found that you had left me no choice: plowing through the entire archive was the only possible option.
I'm pretty far past the Blue Moose sequence now, but I've come up with a Moose Joke that only Webmaster Ed and you, sir, yourself, are worthy of reading.
Too bad that this comment site is public, but what can you do?
Not only is this a moose joke, but it is cleverly combined with another genre of supreme pinkwatery goodness: the chicken joke. Well, anyway, here it goes:


There it is. You may have it: gratis. I certainly don't expect a magic decoder ring at this late date. I do hope you liked it, though.

Daniel replies:

We regret that only a public forum is offered, but we will make an exception and suppress your moose joke--too advanced for a general audience.  Thank you.