Mrs. Gray

May 25, 2012

Post #2970 – 20120525

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

We are reading the book “Lizard Music,” and we think it is fantastic so far! We havea couple of questions for you.

Noah: Do you like lizards?

Zac: Which of your books so far do you think is the funniest?

Trent: Do you like the zoo?

Mrs. Gray: Why did you choose those particular artists as aliases for the Chicken Man?

Thank you very much,

Noah, Zac, Trent, and Mrs. Gray

Daniel replies:

Noah: Like lizards how? As pets? As snacks? As friends to accompany to the movies?

Zac: You think my books are meant to be funny? That's interesting. I never thought of them as funny. Hm.

Trent: I like the zoo. Where I live is almost a zoo.

Mrs. Gray: Because they are neat artists. Those guys really knew how to paint.