Sara Kansky

April 17, 2012

Post #2810 – 20120417

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,
I would like to say Thank you for taking the time yesterday (4/17/12) to speak to my son Brandon, who called you on the telephone after taking the 8th grade NYS ELA in the morning.
Brandon read a passage written by you, and had concerns about the questions that were asked to be identified by NYS ed. dept. I credit my son for his resourcefulness is finding you and calling “the source.” I am filled with gratitude that you took the time to respond to him despite the fact that he probably should not have contacted you at home. Thank you, Thank you, for taking the time to speak with Brandon.
Warmest Regards,
Sara Kansky
(Brandon’s mom)

Daniel replies:

I explained to Brandon my minimal involvement with the goofy test. (See my responses to other puzzled and outraged test-takers, posted in this forum). He was a pleasure to speak with.