April 16, 2012

Post #2808 – 20120416

I’m so excited to write to you, I can barely stand it. My son and i are so inspired by your book The Big Orange Splot that we read it several times a month, and I just recently read it to his first grade class, and they loved it, too.
As an artist, I love that it is about never being afraid to be yourself, and when you do, you will most likely inspire everyone around you.
I tear up every single time I read it because for me it is about absolute creative freedom, and that feels exhilarating! It’s what I want my son to know more than anything, to be himself, to be kind to others, and to accept each friend for the unique qualities they bring to this ‘neat street’ we often live on.
Thank you, thank you- for writing this rockin’ book!

Daniel replies:

I guess it is a pretty good book, but that would not matter at all without cool readers. That is where you and your son enter the picture. Thank you.