Liz Moses

February 28, 2012

Post #2795 – 20120228

Dear Mr Pinkwater,

Woogie Norple is my all time favorite children’s book. I have lost the book-somewhere in my attic-which I am currently in a 20 year stage of procrastination from cleaning. I have found some very expensive copies on Amazon and was quite surprised to see that Tommy DePaolo was the illustrator. Because this book has such incredible cadence, humor, and illustration; it just seems like it should have a revival. My children LOVED this book! Have you considered introducing it to a new generation and bringing it back into publication?

With Admiration,
Liz Moses

Daniel replies:

It is not for me to consider bringing The Wuggie Norple story back into production. I would like to see it in print, and I am sure Tomie dePaola would too. But it is publishers who have to make these choices. Publishers. Publishers are companies. You know how companies are? They employ many talented people, who sit around and talk and talk, and think and think. Then they come up with New Coke. Sometimes they decide to bring an out-of-print book back. Sometimes they don't.

(I have a plan to bring a whole lot of out-of-print books back, but it is secret. Secret Plan. I can tell you nothing, except an enlightened publisher--there are such things--is involved. Watch this website for news.)