Patti Iglarsh

February 26, 2012

Post #2793 – 20120226

Several years ago, you reviewed the late Jim Copp’s book and CD, WILL YOU TELL ME A STORY? I purchased it to read to my then four year old granddaughter, Leah. Leah’s and my love for this little gem continues to this day. Now, at age 8, she can read the text herself and loves to hear the CD with its delightful Copp-voiced characters.I have tried to find other similar book/CD combinations that Copp did, but have had no luck. Are there others that you know of? And, are there other book/CD combinations by other authors available that you would recommend? I’ll look forward to hearing from you. Thanks, Patti Iglarsh

Daniel replies:

Nothing comes to mind--maybe someone reading this will offer suggestions.