BH in Maryland

January 31, 2012

Post #2788 – 20120131

Mr. Pinkwater, the reading (and re-reading, and re-reading) of your books, especially Lizard Music, Snark-out Boys, Worms of Kukumlima, Yobgorgle, and Alan Mendelsohn, is one of the most treasured memories of my childhood. That’s probably the highest compliment I could ever give to the author of children’s books, and I mean every word of it. And now, the listening to of you reading your own works over the internet has become one of the very special memories of my adulthood. Full circle, indeed. Please keep up the wonderful work you are doing, and continue making fond memories for myself and the countless others who have discovered your uniquely … Pinkwater-esque (there’s no other way to describe it!) style of writing. thanks again, bh

Daniel replies:

Gee. Gosh. Um. Wow. You know, I think maybe better than setting out to do some important thing and succeeding is to just do an ordinary thing, and then find out it was important. All I have been doing all this time is amusing myself, trying to write books I would have liked to read, and making a modest few dollars. I didn't think about you reading and re-reading down in DC. I believe you. In some weird way the books turned out to be important to you. Amazing.