James Pustejovsky

January 27, 2012

Post #2787 – 20120127

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

My family and I have enjoyed your work since I was a young boy. I’m curious about where you first ran across the song about peaches and bananas, sung by the Wempires. My dad used to read that story aloud to my little brother and would always sing the song in a dramatic, operatic style. It wasn’t until years later–just a few weeks ago, in fact–that I discovered the Wempires’ drinking song originated as a 1930’s novelty tune rather than a Verdi knock-off. I’m still struggling to reconcile this new information with my long-standing interpretation of the Wempires’ characters.

Have you heard the version of “I Like Bananas” by Willie Bryant and his Orchestra, recorded in 1936? That one is my personal favorite–the vocalist sings it like he really means it.

Best Regards,
James Pustejovsky

Daniel replies:

Wait! Verdi didn't write it?