Wendy McManus

August 21, 2011

Post #2731 – 20110821

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,
Your writing has kept me sane since I was a kid in the 70’s. You are still my favorite author! Also, my daughter’s favorite.
Thank you so much for writing your wonderful stories, I read them over and over,(even at this age of 42) and listen to your pod casts.
Is there any possibility of future stories involving the characters from Alan Mendelsohn The Boy From Mars, Borgel, The Worms of Kukumlima, or the Snarkout Boys? Or any further adventures of Ivan Itch and friends, or the Neddiad,Yggysy,Cat Whiskered Girl series? What about Blue Moose and Lizard Music?
We diehard Pinkwater fans NEED more!
I am also curious why an avid NPR listener like myself has NEVER heard you on the radio? Does SC NPR just not have your commentary or book reviews? My husband heard you ONCE on the radio, but he was driving thru a different state. Are you ever played on Satellite radio?
Please keep writing! No books make us happier!!!
Wendy M.

Daniel replies:

Kept you sane, huh? Well, anything is possible. Maybe it works by some kind of homeopathic principle. I just handed in Bushman Lives, which is in the Neddiad, Yggyssey, Cat-Whiskered continuum, and will be serialized on this website before long. I have no reason to think SC public radio doesn't like me. I chose to stop submitting pieces to All Things Considered a while ago. (I'm in very good company among talented commentators you don't hear any more). I still do the occasional segment with Scott Simon on Weekend Edition Saturday. I think Webmaster Ed could have been a superior NPR producer back in the pre-petrified days, and the Podcast is a very fine show. And, in addition to Bushman Lives there are some 5 books of various sorts in production--so I am doing my bit as a writer. Are you doing your bit as a reader, acquiring things, buying additional copies as gifts, and annoying people by praising my work all the time?