July 5, 2011

Post #2723 – 20110705

I’ve enjoyed your many visits on NPR and consider you an expert in children’s books.
As a 1st time grandfather, I’m casting about for stimulating books for my 3 year old granddaughter when she comes to visit, and looking for suggestions. Too many books I see in the stores have no worthwhile message, nothing inspirational. I grew up loving hero stores–The Golden Book of Heros was my favorite. Love tales of people doing good things that ended up helping themselves, their countries, and others–but without any overt religious overtones.

Any advice regarding current books along that line would be greatly appreciated.

Daniel replies:

There are lots of book presentations by me archived at npr.org (You can also find a list here -- Ed)...those are high quality. And of course, books authored by and illustrated by someone named Pinkwater are good! Do a search on Amazon.com.