Gordon Schochet

July 4, 2011

Post #2722 – 20110704

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

Some years ago, you did regular reviews of children’s books on NPR, and I often depended on your evaluations when I purchased books for my grandchildren and others. I particularly recall CLICK, CLACK, MOO: COWS THAT TYPE, a book I still enjoy and give. I hope that despite your apparent absence from NPR, you continue to evaluate children’s books.

I’m writing now for your advice for a book about bird care for our next-door neighbors’ 10-year-old son, who treats his birds as if they were toys. My wife and I, who are devoted to animal care and safety, are not sure that he and his parents are susceptible to reason, and we don’t want to incur their wrath for our nosiness, but we are troubled by the way he treats his new birds. Do you know of a book we could give him under the guise of “We see you have new birds and thought that you might find this book helpful.”

Many thanks.

Daniel replies:

I am not absent from NPR--apparently you are just listening less regularly. I do not know of a book about bird care, but is seems probable such a thing exists. How do the birds seem to react to the way they are being treated? Some birds like putting on little costumes and jumping on tiny trampolines, etc.