Mark A. Richman

January 26, 2011

Post #2675 – 20110126

C’mon folks…deliver’the salami’ door to door.

Does anyone other than DP “remember” the

Gyp Joint penny candy store just north of

Nettlehurst grammar school on Broadway?

My grandparents were

the old angry Jews that ran the place.

I have come to terms with the

actual ‘love/hate’ relationship between

the proprietors and their customers.

But, would love any photographs and especially

sweet memories of Richman School Supply.

Anybody ever get

a cold pop,

or Kayo,

out of that sliding door cooler?

(DP…any chance you can contact me?)

Daniel replies:

Well, as I recall, we tiny customers were obnoxious and annoying--but cute. So who wouldn't love/hate us? You are in effect in contact with me, in a sort of digital way.