R.J. Laaksonen

January 25, 2011

Post #2674 – 20110125

Hello, Mr. Pinkwater,

I found a previously unknown (to me) Pinkwater novel called Time Tourists at the U.K. Amazon. It turned out to be a retitled edition of Borgel, a favorite book, so I read it again and it still is great. A new thing I noticed is your dedication of the book to “Harlan Ellison, who tried to help.”

Although I have not read Ellison’s fiction, I know well his very energetic non-fiction, and his enthusiasm for Pinkwater, Gerald Kersh, R.A. Lafferty, and other fine authors. How exactly did he try to help you?

Daniel replies:

Harlan is a dear sweet man--much like a dear sweet komodo dragon. He only tries to help special people...and you have to be a special person to appreciate it. I don't know why the British edition has a different title. There is so much I don't understand.