Tom Flacke

May 24, 2010

Post #2608 – 20100524

I don’t want to talk about DP’s writing skills or my lack of them. I have followed over the years Mr. P’s escapades involved in automobile purchases. Since I am 6’5″ and in the over 275 class (and 67) I want to know what he is presnetly buying for a car. I remeber his BMW with the food restrictions in the manual but what about today is there a reasonably priced vehicle for our size. Simply put what are you driving?

Daniel replies:

I am driving an 11-year-old Mercedes-Benz station wagon which I had to have because two large dogs who had to ride separately because otherwise wrestling and bouncing off the ceiling. But my all-time favorite large-_person_ car is the VW New Beetle. (See