Priscilla King

May 17, 2010

Post #2607 – 20100517

I’ve just published a brief review of “Yobgorgle” at Please feel free to read it at

Comments are welcome, and goofiness is encouraged!

Daniel replies:

I read your review, didn't see where to post a comment, so I will comment here. I take exception to the repeated use of the term, ""nonsense."" When I wrote that book, I wasn't a good enough writer to do nonsense. Also the review makes repeated mention of the absence of sex and female characters, also the male characters' lack of emotional response to one another. An editor of adult books once pitched the idea that I should write one. She said, ""The difference between a children's novel and an adult novel is the adult novel is about human relations and sex."" I said, ""Shoot! The two things I don't understand anything about!""