Rick Evans

March 25, 2010

Post #2593 – 20100325

Dear Mr. Pinkwater.

Just got done listening to the podcast of you and Mr. Simon reading the “Bear Who Wasn’t”.

Then, I was reminded of the book that I just finished reading to my wife: “Freddy Goes Camping” by Walter R. Brooks. I discovered Freddy just a couple of years ago and am enthralled. I know that you and Mr. Simon only do kids’ picture books (which we also enjoy), but would you ever bring Freddy back to the attention of the world? He’s worth it, in my opinion.

Also, belated condolences on Lulu. We just lost our cat of the same number of years and your recollections of Lulu brought a misty smile to my face.

Thanks for everything you do!

Daniel replies:

What I do is just dive into the 2,000 or so books that come in the form of review copies, and search for something of quality that might fit the requirements of the radio program. Should Freddy turn up he would get a look, same as the others. Lulu's successor, Kee, is doing her best to live up to the tradition. I hope you got another cat.