Pat Tashlin Howell

March 10, 2010

Post #2592 – 20100310

Hello Daniel and the salami seller! Just found out about the 2/27 NPR and Scott and the Bear! We were away, so missed it. Really sorry! A great fan of yours, and your picks, which I often give to my grandchildren and greatgrands. It’s hard to believe that I’m “the little girl that is” on the dedication page. Patricia Ann here.

Great to see the Bear revival; there’s even an animated version by Chuck Jones on UTUBE! When I was still a little girl, Keenan Wynn made a recording of the book.

In the 60’s it was published by a factory owner as a gift for his employees! After the original edition, it was reprinted in 14 different languages and my Father’s face was on the front of Saturday Review of Literature. Big stuff back then!

If you want to see my face on the front of a newspaper, I’d be glad to send it along…you will then know I am no long that little girl! There was a big article on me, small town!, just because my Father was a famous guy. Must have been a slow news week! Anyway, I’d love you to see it…and me! I don’t weigh 245 pds, but I would sell salami door to door. Actually, I will be selling salami soon…we are opening a wine bar. Seems to be the thing in Yamhill County, heart of Oregon’s wine industry.

I’ll get in touch with Scott Simon (any excuse!) The Bear thanks you, I thank you, Pat

Daniel replies:

All I can say is it's fun messing with the classics! Thanks for the kind words.