Todd McHatton

January 10, 2010

Post #2576 – 20100110

It is with great trepidation and wild bombastic fortitude that I endeavor this feeble attempt of gracious glee. Freshly entering this new decade with the news that my humble bluegrass/surf-funk masterpiece was a part of anything remotely associated with the great Pinkwater is enough to alter the fabric of my own personal space/time continuum. I have nothing more to add except that I would like to be on NPR with you this year please. And, oh yeah, can I plug my site here? Thank You!

Daniel replies:

Anyone has a chance, (roughly one in two thousand), to make it onto the radio--if they have a book. If they have a CD the chances are much better, but I don't know who makes the picks. May your glee continue.