Sam Wolfe

December 25, 2009

Post #2573 – 20091225

From an alteh K_ retired school teacher-

Special DP, I stumbled upon your blog, if that is what it is. Further I wd cherish the honor of a reply from a person of your gravitas (hmm!) and I wd force my coffee buddies to hear about my touch with fame. I am a member of NPR WCPN in Cleveland, Ohio and listen to that almost all available waking hours. I greatly enjoy when you and another idol, Scott Simon, jointly read a child’s story. In volunteering at an elementary school, I have been influenced by you as to what stories to read to those little darlings. Thanks for the fun enrichment.

Daniel replies:

Some of my first forays out of Chicago as a kid were to Cleveland, and when I went to college in NY state, roadtrips to and fro always included a middle of the night stop at the White Castle in Cleveland. Later, when I still played along with the idea that authoring is a career, I made more official visits to schools, libraries and bookshops in Cleveland than any other place. I consider Cleveland and environs to be highly civilized and delightful, with nice people, a great art museum, etc., and except that my entire working life has been identical to retirement, I would go there when I retired. You are doing the right thing.