Fiske Miles

December 17, 2009

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I hit some midtown KC bookstores on a Pinkwater quest last weekend and immediately hit paydirt at the Westport Half-Price — 5 Novels with a Forward by Jules Feiffer.

I am generally opposed to compilation reprints (all my Pinkwater novels to date have been first editions). So I left the book and wandered down the street (and over a few blocks) to Prospero’s Books on 39th Street — a really cool bookstore. The store made international news a while back when they started burning books they couldn’t even give away to protest people choosing not to read. They didn’t have any Pinkwaters (something of a dent in their coolness factor) but then I can’t imagine anyone selling or trading their DP books. I’m not giving up any of mine!

One of the habitues turned out to be a major DP fan and started raving about Alan Mendelsohn, the Boy from Mars and Slaves of Spiegel. He argued it might be years before I come across first editions of these and convinced me to go back to Half-Price for 5 Novels. So I did. Thank goodness it was still there!

I’m reading the Snark Out Boys and the Avocado of Death now. Just finished Looking for Bobowicz a few evenings ago. I enjoyed the Neddiad, but liked Bobowicz better. Haven’t read Yggyssey yet.

Fiske in KC

Daniel replies:

It took me years and years to persuade a publisher, and then another, to bring out those paperback omnibuses. As you see, they have their uses. My name is really Pinkwater, and I think this would be a better world if everyone had a ridiculous name.