December 13, 2009

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Hello there.

I am 13 years old, and I really love your books. I especially like Borgel, Young Adult Novel, Lizard Music, and the Snarkout Kids books. I was wondering-what are borgelnuskies? And why are you obsessed with chickens? Is Hogboro based on Hoboken? And do you really believe that time is a bagel?

I sincerely appreciate your randomness,


Daniel replies:

Hello back --

Borgelnuskies are sooo good. It's a shame you can hardly find them nowadays. I am not obsessed with chickens--I just appreciate them is all. Hogboro is sort of a combination of Chicago, Hoboken, and maybe Cleveland. As to time being like a bagel, who am I to argue with Einstein and Copernicus who thought so? I'm glad you like my stuff--please read more! (Oh, and you don't have to call me Your Randomness. Titles are so old-fashioned. )