Fiske Miles

December 9, 2009

Post #2564 – 20091209


The first Pinkwater book added to our home library was Attila the Pun. I’m not sure when that happened. Years ago. In the interim, The Worms of Kukumlima, Looking for Bobowicz, Tne Neddiad, and The YggYsseY have found their way into our bookcases. I am on a quest for the Snarkout Boys. All of these have come from bookstores in and around Kansas City.

Since the possibilities for bagging more Pinkwater books are numerous, I have added a Daniel Pinkwater Book Collection list to my blog, The Life Less Hectic, across from our Backyard Bird List. (No 266 pound chickens yet.) I don’t suppose a Pinkwater Widget is in the works???


PS: Would love to know where to obtain a bottle of Dr. Pedwee’s Grape Soda.

PSS: So sorry to here about Lulu. My wife and I lost a special dog, Samba, to bone cancer in the summer of 2008. We miss him every day. A yellow Labrador named Basie joined our family this year. The happiest dog we have ever had. For some reason, he likes to sleep upside down with his paws sticking up in the air. There’s a picture of this on The Life Less Hectic.

PSSS: I used to have you confused with Daniel Shore on NPR. I figured out the mistake, but somehow still hear his voice when I’m reading your books… 🙂

Daniel replies:

The Snarkout Boys can be found in one of the paperback omnibuses, 5 NOVELS, or 4 FANTASTIC NOVELS. And you may be able to find in some NPR archive a recording from the good old days of a radio dramatization of BLUE MOOSE in which Daniel Schorr plays the moose!