Zane Markosian

September 13, 2009

Post #2537 – 20090913

Dear Mr Pinkwater,

When I was approximately 8 years old I received the best gift of my life. A copy of Fat Men From Space. I read it in one day and was so excited. I immediately asked my dad for more. Coincidentally many more of your books happened to be on our bookshelf.

Since then I have read every one of your books I could get my hands on and continue to do so. My favorite is the Snark out Boys and the Avocado of Death.

My goal in life has been to create a literary revolution at my school whereby everybody reads your books. Sadly it has not happened. But maybe it will work if I try employing mind control techniques from Alan Mendelsohn.

Daniel replies:

Sorry to tell you, I tried the mind-control myself--still, the regular people did not read my books. I have gotten used to this, and even like it.