Jennifer Kane

April 20, 2009

Post #2501 – 20090420

I am reading The Yggyssey to my daughters, ages 4 and 6. They LOVE it, but I have a problem. Every chapter contains at least one thing that they find so funny that it is almost impossible to continue reading to them. It is hard to be heard over the shrieks of laughter and the shouting of “and you could eat it if you were starving”, my four-year-old’s favorite. As they say “it is exterical!” This is not an issue with other books we read. In the future please consider this problem and try to be less funny.


Frustrated Mom

Daniel replies:

Thank you. This is good advice. I will try to be a more serious author, and to that end have hired a special editor to remove jokes. I hope there have been no milk-through-the-nose or other disgusting or embarrassing incidents in the course of reading my book to your children.