Nancy Bonn-Winkler

April 24, 2009

Post #2500 – 20090424

Hey Daniel,

Just wanted you to know that we at the Center for Creative Learning love “The Big Orange Splot.” I am the counselor here and have been reading this story to the 5th grade kiddos before they transition into middle school for what seems like forever. I especially like pointing out to them that you look just like Mr. Plumbean and I believe taht you purposefullly colored him pink! We love looking for the rotated crescent moons too. I wish I had the time to have each student draw their “dreams” into house form and keep it until they are seniors. What a blast it would be for them to receive them 7 years later! Anyway, just wanted to know that your book is reaching thousands of gifted kids in St. Louis. Sincerely,

Nancy Bonn-Winkler

Daniel replies:

I am gratified, delighted, proud and happy. I hope you do not think The Big Orange Splot is all there is, and look at some of my other books.