April 15, 2009

Post #2497 – 20090415

I heard you were going to prom!.. thats great i might be going to wit my friend.. just to be nice.. lol.. he couldnt find anyone.. i hope i see you there

i am so glad i got to see you the other day.. sorry that i wasnt at skool i totally forgot to tell you we wernt gna be there.. we had business contest.. we need to hang out this weekend ..

we really need to catch up on life!. lol.. well ttyl

it is so boring at skool.. same as always.. nothing new has happened.. except for homecomming week we dressed up.. and well one of the days was dress up like a teacher day.. and guess what!!.. my friend dressed like Mr.H.. and holy cow.. he shaved his head!! he came in with a hat on during band.. then he took it off!.. we were all surprised!.. yeah.. well i will be sure we hang out soon!!.. i went to amber and aprils bball tourny the other day.. and your sister reminded me of you.. lol she is good


Daniel replies:

Kool. I will c u there. I am gluing rhinestones to my head.