Steve Charney (and Harry)

April 13, 2009

Post #2496 – 20090413

Hey Daniel,

You’re a hard man to get hold of. I tried the email address I had for you but it bounced back.

This seems to be the only forum (I could call, but what the hey..)

First, congrats on your review in the NY Times yesterday. Bravo. It was delicious. I also heard that hilarious bit you did on the Car Guys about people getting into their cars in Kingston.

Second, hope you and Jill are well.

Third, thought you might get a kick out of my new Youtube channel. After reading a front page NY Times article about a guy who’s making 6 figures with his crummy videos, I thought it was time to jump in head first. I have about 17 of them up already. It’s really fun. I learned Final Cut Express and just went to town. All the goofy routines with Harry, funny songs, crazy characters…the works.

Here’s the link to the UT channel.

And I really hope you’re doing fine. Now that it’s spring, life is especially sweet, no?



PS Harry says hello

Daniel replies:

I looked at your YouTube stuff. You are great as ever. I miss Harry. You? Meh. But that Harry, he's the man!