March 8, 2009

Post #2481 – 20090308

Love everything PINKWATER.

Love the npr when you read/review books. Love your sensibilities, your delight and savoring of writing and illustration and child-like innocence.

Hope you can take the time to help here with info. Short and sweet.

Have a friend who has written a beautiful children’s book, timely, as a mom it is one I would buy and want to read. Would be of interest in many sectors.

What is best source for learning about self-publishing. General price to do that? range?

Should one have a children’s book consultant? and where is one found – outside publishing companies?

Thanks and Grateful for you time and willingness to assist with your knowledge.


An artist’s friend and who believes in Pinkwater.

Daniel replies:

There are hundreds of books and dozens of websites all about getting published, self-publishing, POD or print-on-demand publishing, preparing your manuscript for publication, writers clubs, critique groups, professional freelance editors, and on and on. What I know about these things is comparatively miniscule, and also out of date since I started getting published in 1969 when things were quite different, and never had to learn the complexities that exist today when the largest organization primarily for aspiring children's writers claims 20,000 members. So that is what I think in my child-like innocence.