February 26, 2009

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Dearest Amadeus,

Been a long time. I have finally located Stupar & Klein and will be in touch shortly. I have been saving up for a trek back east for another visit with your houseboy Wally and his lovely wife. Our last meeting was far too short. Nice people.

Have also recently completed reading Yggyssey. I must say things sound awfully familiar. I am currently living just a few blocks from the old Hermione. Would you like a picture? She still looks pretty good. Billy still comes around occasionally and complains about missing all the action from the old days. Gower Gulch still looks as rundown as ever but the donut shoppe on Vine has been taken over by Koreans. They’ve added kimchee to the menu.

Time to go. You stay well, please.

Fab Fab

Daniel replies:

Charlie Horseback!

Wally says that visit was the perfect length, and also that he has finished training the dogs to kill anyone carrying a sleeping bag.In other news, Great-Aunt Alexandra is drinking again, Carlotta is still hanging out with those people, and the hands at the works have been in an ugly mood. I've been taking the Scrimshandering for Seniors class at the temple, and am currently working on a new leg for Pop-Pop. Adventures of a Cat-whiskered Girl is nearly finished. Like The Yggyssey it is identical to The Neddiad, with proper nouns and verbs changed through global search-and-replace. Jill is training for the Iditarod. Give our regards to everybody in the old neighborhood. Those kimchee doughnuts sound scrumptious.