March 8, 2009

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yr books r grat, the werewolf club meets dorkula

– That’s all that Violet, who is 6, had the patience to type herself. We are reading The Werewolf Club to her, and as you could guess, we are on the third volume. She also especially likes Irving and Muktuk and Henrietta the giant chicken. Several years ago, we were very fortunate to find a copy of Rainy Morning. I think we have read it ten thousand times out loud. Violet brings the Artsy Smartsy Club to Kindergarten so that her teachers can read it out loud to her and her friends. And this is after hearing it as a bedtime story a large number of times.

Thank you for writing so many oddly compelling stories.

Violet’s parents

Daniel replies:

Thank you. I don't see what's odd about them--but I am glad Violet likes them.