Steve Crandall

February 24, 2009

Post #2475 – 20090224

Hello Daniel

I’m still trying to recover from your recent call to Car Talk. My people come from Montana and similar tricks are often used. Winter clothing and the preference towards very large Ford pickups present additional challenges.

A friend is at the other end of the scale and you might be interested in her plight. Young, thin, blonde, extremely athletic – oh … and she happens to be just under 6’7″ with a 40″ barefoot inseam.

Getting her in anything is a challenge. Her head hits door frames, plane seats don’t work — cars are … well.

I drive an Audi TT and she can fold into the passenger seat, but just barely. Driving it would be out of the question without a repair person to detach and reattach the steering wheel for entry and exit.

Colleen is a serious dog lover — here is her blog

(she’s over 6’6″ but rounds down … I guess that is less intimidating)

Keep up your wonderful work! My breathing has returned to normal.



Daniel replies:

I don't guarantee a fit, but Colleen might check a New Beetle for size.