December 21, 2008

Post #2459 – 20081221

Mr. Pinkwater,

I had to sit around for a while and think up something to type in this message. I didn’t have anything to say at first, I just wanted to talk to you because you are awesome. I don’t feel the least bit guilty for having you read these first three wasteful sentences.

I want to know the serious side of DP, the Daniel Manus Pinkwater side, the angry, opinionated side most humans have. I’ve noticed you usually joke away questions on controversial subjects. I think maybe you do this because

a) It’s nobody’s business

b) You want to keep all your fans, even the shallow ones who’d drop you if they thought you held disagreeable beliefs

c) You choose to focus on trivial stuff because it’s easier to make fun of

d) Kids don’t care about that crap

But maybe I’m wrong. Maybe you will tell me what it takes to get into heaven, why homosexuality is right/wrong, which type of government is the best. Maybe the fat people book addresses these issues and I’m a tool for not reading it yet.

I admire your novels because they are lighthearted. It’s hard to write fleety humor like that. But you say it’s easy. That makes you even more admirable. You’re like Buddha had a baby with a cleaned up Larry David.

Can we expect more cover art by yourself?

Happy holidays, Jill is cool too,


Daniel replies:

I am completely serious. All the time, I am. What has happened, and it has happened to you as well, is that people don't get what is serious and what is not. I am so misunderstood!