Chris & Kimberly

December 20, 2008

Post #2458 – 20081220

Hi Daniel:

Just writing to send a letter of thanks on behalf of extremely young reader. Our son Will became bored of the womb, and decided to check out the outside world 3 months early, only to find out the world isn’t really very pleasant for people who weigh less than two pounds.

Over months in the hospital, he became more and more stable, and we began reading to him. Only I quickly tired of all the books that read “Hinky tinky went down by the woozlie, over by the dingly doo.”

So, we began working our way through chapters of the Yggyssey! This was of great benefit to his development and our sanity. He is now home and resembles a little 8lb tank. Thank you! You contributed mightly to his fattening!

Chris & Kimberly

Daniel replies:

Adults claim to gain weight reading my stuff also.