Lois Ursillo

September 6, 2008

Post #2441 – 20080906

Hello Daniel

I enjoyed your reading again with Scott today – “Will You Tell Me A Story?” Want to order it now for my grandson to read to him when he gets here Christmas.

You occasionally mention Nettelhorst School. Today I really heard something from the past. I went there K-8 and had a teacher in 6th grade who was just like that one in the book. She sent me to the principal’s office a number of times. Once I just walked out of the school and walked home to Roscoe St. Got in a lot of trouble for that.

Went to Nettelhorst’s 100th Anniversary a few years ago. They have really remodeled this very old school so well. I looked around on Melrose and Broadway remembering that penny candy store.



Daniel replies:

Thank you. I am smiling broadly.