August 29, 2008

Post #2439 – 20080829

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

When I was young, I thought that “The Wuggie Norple Story” was the funniest story ever written. I am now 25 and working in the children’s department of a wonderful library, and I still think it is the funniest story ever written, but *gasp* it looks like it may be out of print and all of our copies have disappeared! Is there anywhere we can order it new? Also, I’ve always wanted to know–how did you come up with the characters’ names in that book? 🙂

-Meredith R.

Daniel replies:

Oh, out of print, out of print, so many books out of many books published, too many to keep track of. Culture of excess. Flooded market. More books, fewer readers. It is interesting, is it not? Hunger in the midst of plenty.