Lisa Lewis

August 4, 2008

Post #2434 – 20080804

In regards to my firstborn son’s wealth: he and his sisters before him have somehow required every red cent his father and I have ever earned, and so, the answer is, sadly, no, he does not possess a large sum of money. Reasons you might want to visit his particular school include but are not limited to these facts: an original one-room school house still exists on the property and a bear once visited the playground. However fascinating those occurences may be though, the fact remains that the students have never met an author who might, like Mason Mintz, share something simply because someone asked him to, simply because that’s just the kind of guy he is. So, in the spirit of Kevin Spoon, I’ll just go ahead and ask, “Daniel Pinkwater, will you visit my son’s school?”

Daniel replies:

You do right to ask--it never hurts. No, I cannot come. There are too many demands on my time. Ask me next year--maybe things will have slowed down.